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College & Career Awareness

helps students explore and understand how interests and skills fit into a career.

Using pathways, students will explore jobs that are satisfying and rewarding.

This course is divided into three main areas of study:




This course is required for all seventh grade students and is one full school year. However, the subjects are divided by quarters and taught by a team of teachers. Your student may have a different teacher and classroom each term.

Creative Coding

will introduce students to computational thinking and problem solving through creating simple games, apps, and websites.

Code.org will be used in class.

This is an elective course for seventh and eighth grade students.

This course is one semester.

Exploring Computer Science

is designed to help students develop computational thinking. Students will learn problem solving techniques, use design tools, and be introduced to programming vocabulary and concepts. Students will begin programming using Scratch.mit.edu.

This course is one semester and can be used to satisfy the state computer science graduation requirement.

Digital Literacy

introduces students to the Digital Studies high school graduation requirement by allowing students to preview the following high school courses:

Business Office Specialist

Computer Science Principles 1

Computer Programming 1

Digital Business Applications

Exploring Computer Science

Web Development 1

Digital Literacy is a required course for all eighth grade students and is one semester.


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