About Ms. Revoir


Picture of Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii

Early Years


I am Hawaiian.

I was born in Honolulu and raised on the Windward side in Kaneohe, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

I attended the Reverend Benjamin Parker Elementary School and King Intermediate.

When I was 13 years old my mom decided to work on a doctorate degree at BYU-Provo.

She taught school in Tooele, Utah while working on her advanced degree.

I graduated from Tooele High School and then we moved back to Hawaii.

Picture of Ms. Revoir in her cap and gown when she graduated from Brigham Young University


I have a Bachelor of Science degree from BYU-Provo

in Business and Fashion Merchandising

and one in Clothing Construction and Design.

I have a Master’s degree in secondary education from the University of Phoenix.

I believe in education and have continued learning by taking classes each year from

Utah State University, Weber State University,

Utah Valley University, Southern Utah University, The University of Hawaii, and

Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

Picture of WordPerfect 6

Industry Work Experience

I have worked for

WordPerfect, Novell, Ancestry.com (also known as MyFamily.com), and Center7 (C7).

For the last 15 years I have been a teacher with Alpine School District.

I am:

IC3 certified,

MOS certified,

Microsoft Certified in Networking,

and a

Microsoft Office Master Instructor.

Picture of Willowcreek Middle School mascot - the Wolverines

Teaching Work Experience

I have been at Willowcreek Middle School since the school opened in 2004.

Before that, I was at Lehi Junior High School for 3 years.

I am certified and endorsed to teach business and information technology classes for grades 6 through 12.

I am also an Independent Study instructor for BYU-Provo currently teaching

Computer Technology, Leadership Skills, and Study Skills.

I am a current member of ACTE and UACTE associations for Career and Technical Educaton teachers.

I am a member of the Information Technology Division of the Utah State Office of Education.

Picture of Ms. Revoir's daughter named Shellie Picture of Ms. Revoir's collie dog named Brady Picture of Ms. Revoir's Bernese Mountain dog named Chloe

Personal Life

I live in Orem with my beautiful daughter, Shellie and two dogs.

I've lived in the same house for 40+ years.

My hobbies include:


The first picture above is of my beautiful daughter Shellie. I like hanging out with her. She likes to tease me and make me laugh.

I have a group of friends that meet every night to walk our dogs

and another group that meets weekly for supper to try various restaurants in our area.


I love to sew and quilt so I turned my guest bedroom into a full time sewing room.

Now it's easy to slip in and work on a sewing or quilting project any time I want.

And I don't have to clean up after myself. All I have to do is close the door!


When I'm not playing with the dogs or sewing I like reading books.

I make good use of the public library and my school library.

A few months ago several books I wanted to read were out of the library so I put my name on the waiting list.

Of course, they all came avaliable at the same time!

I read for 20 hours each day until I had all 10 books read. And then I slept for 3 days!


I enjoy shows like "Midsummer Murders," "Poirot," "Death in Paradise," "Inspector Lewis," "Inspector Moore,"

"Father Brown," "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries," to name just a few.


Brady is a Collie. Collie's became popular in the 1960's and 1970's from a TV show called "Lassie."

I used to rush home from high school to watch the show.

Brady is my 6th collie dog and his picture is at the beginning of this section about me.

He is smart and fast. He loves to run. And he is an excellent soccer goalie!

He is sable (red) and white in color.

Chloe is a rescue dog from the shelter in Lindon, Utah.

She is a Bernese Mountain dog mix but is only half the size of a full Bernese.

She is mostly black with a white muzzle and tan accents.

She is the sweetest girl and loves to be cuddled.

The kids in my neighborhood ring my door bell all the time and ask to play with my dogs.

Wow! If you read this far down you are a reader! I have some FUN books I can recommend that you read. Just ask me!

Contact Ms. Revoir at:

Email: mrevoir@alpinedistrict.org

Phone: (801) 610-8766